Traditional Advertising Services in Hartford County, CT

Traditional advertising might seem old-fashioned in today’s digital age, but Birch & Flame is here to prove its enduring power in the Hartford market.

We craft impactful campaigns that leverage the reach and influence of the local market through high traffic billboard placements, eye-catching print ads, memorable TV & Radio commercials & much more!

Forget cookie-cutter solutions – our custom approach ensures your message resonates with your target audience, driving brand awareness and achieving your unique business goals. Let Birch & Flame ignite your marketing strategy, and rise above the digital noise, with the tried-and-true power of traditional advertising.

Our Traditional Advertising Services


It’s easy… because we’re different. At Birch & Flame, you really do get it all – Local Boutiquey feel with large firm results!
We pride ourselves on a transparent process with our work totally focused on our client’s needs,
no matter what they may be!

Like say, finding a goat or a celebrity endorsement! (I’m sure you’ve seen them).

Along with creative problem solving and flexibility, our deep reach with local/national vendors allows

Birch and Flame to confidently always have the edge for competitive pricing and negotiations.

Building brands, building relationships.